Giving Back

In an effort to give back this holiday season, Be Realty\’s managing broker, Stephen Johnson, was invited to Mather High School\’s Global Studies Town Hall. At this event five young professionals were asked to come and speak about their individual careers, paths, decisions and experiences.

Stephen was among a teacher/personal trainer, an architect, the band manager for Umphrey\’s McGee and a landscape architect. The moderator asked various questions about each of the professionals\’ experience such as, \”what characteristics or skills do you think were the most important in helping you achieve success?\” The guests spoke about ambition, drive, hustle, having a plan and following your dreams.
When asked why they chose their career and what it took to get there, Stephen spoke about his innate desire, devotion and commitment to making others happy as well as having the courage to go out and get what you want. He encouraged the students to keep learning and realize that choosing a career is a journey and not everyone knows what they want to do right away.
The moderator also asked if there was who the one individual that had the biggest impact on their career. The consensus was that it wasn\’t one person with one large influence but more all the people they have met on their way and how they have taken individual qualities from so many encounters and relationships.
Hopefully Stephen and the other speakers\’ answers and experiences motivated the students and inspired them to go after what they want. The speakers revealed that while they have learned from every experience, they sure didn\’t have all the answers in the beginning. The Be team is very proud of Stephen and his representation of Be Realty. Perhaps there were even some future Be Realty brokers in the crowd.
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