Introducing Joe Sutton

The purpose of Be Realty\’s newest blog post is to continue introducing the team as we had done so some months back, so it is without further adieu that I introduce Joe Sutton.

Joe Sutton, Broker Associate, was drawn to real estate by a desire to help his friends and family with the largest financial transactions in their lives. Joe is focused on customer satisfaction and joined Be Realty over other firms because we have a similar focus. Having spent 25 years working with smaller, growing businesses, Joe came to work with Be Realty to help facilitate our growth by improving processes to help the client.  Joe has spent 20 years as a resident of Lakeview after spending 10 years in Naperville, but he is willing to help his clients wherever they are looking to buy or sell.

Joe was one of two brokers who were drawn to our location and captivated by our living room like set-up and atmosphere, however he is clearly no couch potato.  Receiving emails from Joe at 11pm about a project he is working on for a client or some idea that he has that will help the business is a fairly regular occurrence.  That work ethic has served him well throughout his career.  Including at one of his first stops.

During an 11 year career at Morningstar, Joe was the Chief Financial Officer and oversaw its growth from being a financial publisher with 25 employees, 2 products and less than $1 million in sales, to a market-leading international Internet firm with more than 600 employees, 20 products and $70 million in sales.

One commonality of unsuccessful to moderately successful brokers and brokerages is that they do not approach their business as a business. This lack of professionalism is often manifested in a poor client experience.  Joe’s experience helping businesses act like businesses will be crucial to our success and will help make our clients’ experiences that much better.

Great to have you on board, Joe.  I am excited to see what you will be able to do for yourself and for us and for the real estate community.

Be well,

Andrew Wendt