Seller Representation.

Be Realty brokers care about their clients. It isn’t about the transaction you bring to the  table; it is about you being at the table sharing your hopes, dreams, worries, constraints and vision with us. Selling a home can be a daunting and emotional task. Be Realty has the expertise, confidence and desire to represent you from the start of your journey to  wherever you want to be.  

Be Realty has developed a set of “Ways to Be” best practices for sellers that we follow  and blend with your own unique experience to create the best possible outcome for your  transaction.We partner with you to listen, inform, team-build, market, negotiate, close  and celebrate.

Listen: We really listen to you. We know that selling a home can at times be emotional or exciting as  you embrace this next step in your life. Be Realty asks the right questions and attentively listens to  our clients’ every word so that the outcome fits your goals and expectations.  

Inform: There is so much information for you to understand about your potential sale. We inform  you about trends in the current macro and micro economic environment, market trends in your  neighborhood, the many factors that can affect the landscape around your sale, and everything that  you need to know from the showing process to the closing table. 

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Team-build: A wider professional team will be necessary to maximize your positive outcome.  Be Realty brokers will help you build your team of professionals. We can recommend attorneys,  mortgage brokers, inspectors, contractors and appraisers with whom we have built trustworthy  relationships over many years. 

Market: There are many factors that have an impact on the marketability of a property. We  accurately analyze the value of the subject property and competing listings in order to create a  marketing plan that maximizes exposure. Be Realty brokers are experts at interpreting data and  tailoring a plan to get the job done.  

Negotiate: Be Realty brokers have experience in markets that have been challenging and that  changed dramatically in recent years. We can help you negotiate terms that are comfortable for you,  while pointing out the realities of the current market situation. We are advocates for our sellers. We do  not shy away from difficult conversations that may arise.  

Close: There are many steps from inspections, to appraisals, to securing a loan and clearing title  that must be completed. Be Realty brokers will steadfastly bring you to the finish line at the closing.  Your finish line is the closing, our finish line is knowing you are comfortably where you want to be and  delighted with the outcome of your journey. 

Be Realty’s 5 Star Marketing Plan.


Be Realty helps you get your home ready for sale. We are staging and construction experts that will advise you in order to sell your home faster! Let's start the process right!

Online Listings

Be Realty will push your listing out to Zillow and all of the other real estate sites and market to the entire industry. In many cases, your home will be listed on our agent and brokerage Social Network profiles, visible to thousands of national and international users.


Be Realty has developed relationships with quality photographers. Once your home is ready we will bring in our photographers to capture each space looking its best.

Internal Channels

Be Realty brokers have many relationships with other brokers in the industry at other brokerages. We will use this network to spread the word about your property as well as push out to vendors, past clients, friends and family.

In-House Marketing

Be Realty has a team to produce custom marketing pieces that showcase photographs and highlights of your property. We'll put all of our tools to use for you, to sell your home quickly!

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