What Makes a Good Realtor?

  1. Have a prospecting plan that speaks to your strengths and personality. And that is a plan you can execute easily and consistently.
  2. Market yourself is such a way that it results in a continuous stream of business.
  3. Develop a personal brand that is usable across various marketing channels.
  4. Understand the business and consistently demonstrate competency.
  5. Have a firm understanding of timelines no matter the type of transaction. Show that you/your team can maintain a fluid deal flow.
  6. Execution – communication during courting phase, cultivating the lead – boils down to regular (not overbearing) communication.
  7. Referrals. Ask for them early and often by educating as to why they are important.
  8. Clearly articulate benefits of working with yourself as an individual or your team.
  9. Have a well defined and effective marketing plan on listing side.
  10. On the buying side it’s having a expert level knowledge on how to search for prospective properties but also knowing what type of grindy-ness you need, eg. Utilize colleague relationships – read between lines to find property that meets client needs.
  11. Clearly communicating negotiation strategy and getting buy-in and then effectively putting forth that plan, or noting a pivot when needed.
  12. Good understanding of tools available to help you make your arguments.
  13. Conviction to not take on business when client isn’t ready to listen to your counsel.
  14. Follow up after deal.
  15. Putting together a strong support team from inspectors, attorneys, lenders, contractors, etc.